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Initial consultation

Once paperwork is completed, a chiropractor will go through a full history about the complaint(s), previous medical history and other medical related questions. Then you will be taken through postural, orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations. If further imaging is required, we have the ability to refer out for spinal X-rays.

Once a clear diagnosis has been made and explained to you, then the chiropractor will begin treatment. The chiropractor has a wide range of techniques to suit the diagnosis and your personal requirements. The treatment should be a pain-free process and extra care will be taken with people who are nervous or new to chiropractic. The process takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the problem. A second appointment will be booked in shortly after to follow up and reassess the initial complaint.

Subsequent consultations

The consultation will start with a few questions regarding the previous treatment, progress and current complaint. The full examination is not required so the consultation is shorter in duration by approximately 10-15 minutes. The chiropractor will examine and test the presenting complaint and talk you through the findings. Treatment may be similar to the previous appointment or mild changes can be made. Often some take home exercises or stretches may be given to further improve the treatment.



Initial consultation
$77 ($67 with concession)

Subsequent consultation
$50 ($45 with concession)

Long consultation
$62 ($55 with concession)

Payment Information

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